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Start Here

No matter where you are in your journey, here is a perfect place to start.

We’re not sure what has brought you to this point.

Perhaps it is politically motivated, perhaps financially, perhaps you have a vision of a better life. The more we talk about, think on and help others live a life of Location Independence there is one theme that boils to the top.


No matter what your story is and what has brought you to this point you desire freedom. Perhaps it’s freedom to live where you want to. Or perhaps it’s financial freedom. For some, it’s just the freedom of being a slave to clients, to a boss, or the freedom to participate in your kids’ lives. For others, the freedom to pick up and leave, or the freedom to explore.

No matter what your reasons, this website exists to help you choose the lifestyle you desire, to help you experience freedom as you define it.

There is no judgement given here. Just because we choose a “different” lifestyle doesn’t mean we dislike, despise, or pray for those who have chosen a more normative lifestyle. By becoming Location Independent as a family, we simply wanted something different for our kids. redblue_pillThe majority of people we meet are location DEpendant, and we pass no judgement on them. This guide is written for those who have taken the red pill and desire to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, and if this lifestyle is even possible for you and your family.

This site is developed for families. But we define families as small as a couple to as large as 15+ kids (yes it is possible!). So if you’re a couple without kids, please know that this site can help you too as you move towards a life of freedom.  However if you do have kids, realize that we specifically cover the topics that pertain to you with your kids.

We want to enable you to live your dream. We’re not going to tell you what your dream is.


First off we have main categories at the top of every page in the navigation. They are also listed to the right here for your convenience. These are the main topics all of the content on this site falls into.



We’re pretty proud of the search functionality here. Looking for visa information? Looking for information on Chiang Mai? Just type either one of those (or both) into this search box and hit enter on your keyboard… viola your search results. (no button needed!)

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This is where things might get complicated. This site is actually a Wiki, which means if you find information missing or outdated or flat out wrong you can change it, modify it, add to it, or just comment on it. (And then let the administrators fix the error/problem) There are six tabs:


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